Eduard Bigas

Eduard Bigas

Self portrait at Bauhaus Dessau 2014

Bauhaus Dessau

In 2014 Eduard Bigas worked inside the Bauhaus Building in Dessau on a series of drawings as part of his exhibition "Der Geist der Orte" in Berlin at the Galerie Kuchling

Ambigous Stairs 2014 60x50cm.Watercolour, gouache Triadischer Baum 2014 60x50cm Watercolour gouache

Triadischer Baum" 2014, 60x50cm. Watercolour gouache and Ink on paper

Ambigous Stairs" 2014, 60x50cm.Watercolour, gouache and Ink on paper

Wassily  2014 60x50cm Watercolour, gouache and Ink

Wassily"  2014, 60x50cm. Watercolour, gouache and Ink on paper