Eduard Bigas

The Best of all Possible Worlds

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Current Exhibition

Sequences#Berlin, 2017. 180x480cm, 24 parts, each 60x60cm. Oil on canvas

Galerie Kuchling Berlin


Eduard Bigas


23. 3. - 6. 5. 2017

TBOAPW exhibition GK 2017 (12)

Eduard Bigas was born in 1969 in Palafrugell, Spain. Since early childhood he draws and paints continuously without end. At the age of 19 he had his first solo exhibition. After living in London for many years, since 2011 the artist has lived and worked in Berlin. Since 2013 Galerie Kuchling has presented his current works in regular exhibitions.

In this catalogue, Galerie Kuchling gives an overview of the previous joint exhibitions with the aid of selected works, thus providing an insight into the multifaceted oeuvre of Eduard Bigas.


In early 2013, Galerie Kuchling presents its first exhibition of the Catalan artist, Carving Metropolis. A cross-section of drawings and paintings that Bigas created over a period of 15 years in different metropolises are shown. With his unflinching characteristic style, Bigas engraves the faces of Sydney, New York, London, Berlin, and sometimes even his own, on canvas and paper, precisely and imaginatively.

In December 2014, the gallery for fresh art and Eduard Bigas present their second exhibition: Der Geist der Orte (The Spirit of the Places). Bigas, who in the meantime found the centre of his life in Berlin, now explores the Bauhaus movement, thematically and stylistically. In search of “the spirit of the places”, he travels to Bernau, Dessau and the Uckermark, and using energetic, organic structures, gives it a powerful, graphic form.

In his latest work, which can currently be seen in the exhibition The best of all possible worlds, Bigas disentangles himself more and more from the graphic line. For more than two years, he has dedicated himself almost exclusively to painting and with an inimitable grasp of colour and form, balances on the enthralling line between objective and fantastic worlds, between floating colours and delicate lines. In multi-part compositions, he places the individual painting in relation to others and creates, through the dialogue of colour fields and forms, a poetic visual world.


Claudia Heidebluth, Galerie Kuchling

Left: Nocturne 2016, 3 parts, each 60x60cm. Oil on canvas

Right: Undivided 2015, 60x60cm Oil on Canvas

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