Time and the Others

Time and the Others (Existence)  2018 80

Transfigured time

Nocturne 2020 80x80cm Oil on canvas copy

Geometry of Time

Why Patterns  2018 80x80cm Oil on canvas


Ever and Ever 2015 Oil on canvas 60x60cm

Triptych Sequences

Triptych Sequences  .jpg

Continuous present

Continuous present  2016. 200cmx200cm Gr

Triptych Continuous present

Tryptych Continuous present.jpg

Nine paintings

The best of all possible worlds 2017, 10

Limits of reason

Alone and yet together 2013, 40x50cm. Oi

Der Geiste der Orte

Voyage on the studio 2014.JPG

Triptych Pulse

Pulse 61x46cm, 2011. Acrylic and ink on

Carving Metropolis

Transitory Presence 2012 100x120cm Acryl

Times of confusion

Times of confusion 2008 51x 61cm Collage

Suspended calamities

Vital composition 2007 60x90cm Acrylic a

London series

Face 2005, 40x40cm Acrylic and Ink on ca

Homenatge a Joan Ponc


Palafrugell early days

Flora 1995 75x56cm. Oil on paper copy.jp